White Balance

White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use, but it can have a real impact upon the shots you take, the reason we adjust white balance is to get the colors in your images as accurate as possible. also we hardly notice this difference in temperature because […]

10 Tips To Make A Great Portrait

Try to keep the sun behind your subject even when it seems directly overhead and Avoid open shade as it gives little dimension and looks rather flat, and look for light patches to place your subject in. You can use many things as light reflectors, including things you already have in your home: Styrofoam boards, […]


This is a good portrait picture because it shows clear focuses on the face of the subject which you can see her applying mascara on her lashes you get a good look at her expression on her face that which is a classy look.


 The camera metering mode I was using was AV I used this mode because it gave it a better look to the picture. I think this has strong composition because you can see the lines and the framing happening in the picture. I think the photographs came out pretty good because it shows the framing […]


some other items that I have on there is the universal logo because I love universal studios it is such a great and fun place to go and most of my favorite movies where made by the company. one of the fast food places I like to eat it subway because It is so good […]

Capture the Perfect Action Shot

Many sports, you won’t be able to cover every angle, Getting up close with a wide-angle lens means you won’t be able to capture plays on the other side of the field. The places on the field of play which are the perfect distance away for your camera and lens ,You’re going to get your […]